The Festival - IPAF

The INTERNATIONAL POLE ART FESTIVAL (IPAF) is the first ever international event located in Portugal dedicated to promote pole dance as a performing art and as a sport! 

In 2018, IPAF & MANZ have joined forces to bring you POLE ART PORTUGAL - Pole Dance International Competition. This year, 2019, IPAF & MANZ will continue to join forces to bring you POLE ART PORTUGAL.


The event will take place from November 16, 2019: 

The event includes:

  • POLE ART - INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION with athletes from all over the World 

  • WORKSHOPS with some of the internationally well-known and more talented pole athletes in the World.



Pole Art Competition

This COMPETITION is a technical and professional event.

In particular, this competition combines Sports & Arts, offering the opportunity to be creative, original and to display tricks of acrobatics, strenght and flexibility in an emotional and engaging creation, inspiring the audience and the judges. The competition will follow the high standards of professional sport competitions, though also valuing the artistic side of each performance. The idea is, not only to perform some of the best known and new original tricks and acrobatic movements, but also to show them embedded in an artistic and emotional performance.

We are not only looking for the perfect technique and finest tricks, but mainly for a passion and art that thrills the audience in its most deep way, due to the spectacular visual it creates and to the story and meaning it conveys to the public.

The main objective is to support the development and promotion of pole dance and bring it to the mainstream in sports, introducing it as a new sport with great potential to grow and to contribute to a sporty and healthy lifestyle. 






The competition will hold: 


Two levels: 

          - Amateur; 

          - Professional.

Three categories:

          - Art; 

          - Exotic.

Awarded titles for each level: 

          - Art Champion, 2nd and 3rd places;

          - Exotic Champion, 2nd and 3rd places


Women, men, junior, masters, doubles, triples, groups can apply to compete

at any of the mentioned categories. 

For more information go to main menu "Competition" page. 

 International Pole Sport Workshops

The international WORKSHOPS will take place on the days after the competition. 

These workshops will be taught by some of the best pole athletes in the World that will share their knowledge with those interested in developing and learning more. The main objective of these workshops will be to promote learning and sharing between some of the most talented pole athletes at the moment and all people that are interested in increasing their pole art and sport knowledge and training. 


For more information go to main menu "WORKSHOPS" page.